Friday, November 12, 2010

Removing Tall Fescue From Native Areas

One of the concerns that I have heard from our membership is removing the tall fescue clumps from our fine fescue native areas.  These clumps cause two problems to a golfer.  The first is that it is hard to find a golf ball that has been hit into these areas which slows down play.  The second problem is when a golf ball comes to rest behind a large clump.  This can cause an almost impossible shot from this lie.  The native areas are considered a hazard but they are also a critical component to the design of the golf course so consideration must be taken if they are slowing down play.  I have looked into several herbicides that will take the tall fescue out of these areas and one of these products looks promising.  Earlier in the season I sprayed several clumps along the cart path on #9 to see the effects of the product.  I applied the product 2 times during the growing season with 4 weeks between application.  The products seems to have killed the clumps of fescue without harming the fine fescue.  I have applied more of the product today to more of the clumps to see what effect it may have this late in the year.  I will be developing a program this winter to eradicate more of the tall fecue in key areas around the course.

Tall Fescue after 2 application of chemical

Tall Fescue clumps treated today

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