Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Golf Course Care

The staff at Sagamore would like to emphasize golf course care going into the 2011 golf season.  We saw many ball marks and divots left unrepaired last year and we are asking for your help in keeping our golf course in the best shape possible.  We will be adding sand refill containers on every other hole to help refill sand containers on the golf carts.  We will also be adding an "adopt a hole" program this year in which members will be adopting an hole to help take care of these items.  Ultimately it is up to the golfer to fix their own ball marks and divots.  I have added this link sent to me from Paul Hansen on golf course care.  It is a great article written by the USGA.

Please click Here for article:

We look forward to seeing everyone on the course this year and we appreciate your help in keeping our golf course great.

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