Monday, June 6, 2011

Amicarbazone Treatments @ Sagamore

We are researching a new product from Arysta Life Science called Amicarbazone.  This product eliminates poa annua from bentgrass playing surfaces without injury to the bentrgrass.  We are currently testing this product on our driving range tee which is were most of the poa at Sagamore is concentrated.  We are excited in using a product like this because if we can eliminate poa annua from the driving range tee we will be able to keep the rest of the golf course poa free.  This new product is applied at 3 oz/acre every 21 days.   We are seeing some great results after just one application.  The product was applied on May 19th and here are the results:

Poa Annua turning straw color after treatment.  This is 18 days after first treatment.

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