Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting through the heat wave!!!

We water everything we can over and over and over! There are several things we do to help the turfgrass survive the intense stress. Mostly, light frequent watering helps get the turf through the hottest time of the day. We constantly scout for isolated dry spots by using soil probes. The soil probe takes a small diameter core from an area and the trained staff diagnoses the amount of water needed for the application. Using too much water can be just as bad as not enough.
Night watering mostly provides moisture to the soil profile. Daytime watering is used to cool the turf down and remedy the isolated dry spots.
Hand watering with hoses is the most efficient and beneficial way to combat heat stress. The water goes exactly where we want it.
When temperatures reach the extreme, like today, we may have as many as seven people working on irrigation. In addition to the labor force, we use several different wetting agents to help get the water into the soil. We are using three different products on the golf course to help retain moisture in the profile.  On greens we use a product from Aquatrols called Revolution.  This product ensures consistent moisture and air levels throughout the rootzone.  On fairways we are using 2 different products to help control moisture levels. Dispatch is used to ensure rapid infiltration into the profile and Aquaduct promotes fast wetting and rewetting for rapid recovery of dry spots.  In essence, wetting agents break the surface tension and allow the water to penetrate. They make water "wetter".

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