Monday, May 14, 2012

Xenorate Update 5/14/2012

We have applied a total of 5 treatment at a 1 oz. rate/ Acre on our driving range tee starting March 26th.  We have seen great results but we have found that the product is definately temperature dependent.  We saw good results early in the treatments when the weather was warm with daily temperature in the lower 80's.  When the temperature dropped in early April the process began to slow down because we feel the plant was not metabolizing the product efficiently.  We have seen increase activity the last few weeks once the temperatures increased again.  I believe that the ideal time to apply this product is when soil tempartures reach 60-65 degrees consistantly which for us would be sometime around May 1st in Indiana.  I think that if you can apply around this time you will only need 2 to 3 applications to eradicate the poa annua.  We feel we have eradicated approximetely 70% of the poa annua from our driving range tee from our treatments this spring.  We will be applying one more application to our driving range tee and start doing some spot treatments in fairways and on tees.  We will begin those treatments tomorrow.

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