Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greens and fairway Aerification

The course will be closed this upcoming Monday and Tuesday for Aerification. We will pull cores out of fairways and begin the clean up process of over 36 acres. We will do a light verticut during the pulverizing of cores. Once the fairways are cleaned up we will begin topdressing approaches and landing areas with sand. This will help modify the soil, help reduce compaction, create firmer conditions, and lastly improve drainage. 

We will also begin Aerification of our greens on Monday morning. This year we will not be pulling cores but instead using a solid tines to produce the same size hole. We will topdressing with sand before we aerify, punch, and then drag sand into the holes. We will then come back with second topdressing to complete the process. 

The weather looks great so see everyone after Aerification. 

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