Monday, March 24, 2014

Catch Basin Improvements

As we await mother nature's cooperation, the maintenance staff has put their focus on renovating some of the drainage catch basins. Over the years, the soil and turf surrounding the drain has deteriorated, as shown by the picture below. Once the dirt begins to settle, the turf follows suit and creates a hazard to not only the golfers but to our staff as well. The process of the repair is listed below.

The first step involves taking a sod cutter to the surrounding turf around the drain. After the turf is removed, a riser cap is added to the basin to raise the settled drain to its proper height. The dirt surrounding the drain was then removed and a new mix of stone and dirt is added, then properly compacted and graded.
Upon completion of the graded surface, we then take sod from our nursery and re-grass around the basin. The final product is pictured below. We have completed a total of 5 basins this spring. There are a few more basins around the course that we hope to have completed before the course is opened.

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