Tuesday, October 7, 2014

# 1 Tee Renovation

A question that has been asked many times over the course of the past few weeks has been "What happened to #1 Tee?". The answer is simple, we came to the conclusion that it was time to renovate the first tee. It has been an eye sore for the past few years so we decided it was time to "blow it up" and start a new. The main issue with the tee was its poor drainage and portions of the tee had settled out since its original construction. Our original plan was to remove the existing portion of the tee as well as expand it, thus hoping to complete the project in a short week. Once the grass was removed we then realized the issue with the tee was the underlying subgrade below the sand. The dirt was very poor and needed to be excavated out and fresh top soil was added to avoid having the same issues years down the road that we had before.

Removal of existing tee

                       The picture above illustrates how far the middle of the tee had settled

 Aerifying the tee to remove as much organic matter as possible before new sand was added.

Excavating subgrade

After the fresh top soil was installed, we compacted the dirt and then installed drainage to ensure the tee would drain properly.

Upon completion of the drainage, the next step involved was expanding the tee. We ended up adding  another 500 square feet to the tee. This expansion will allow my staff the flexibility to separate the member and championship tees on a daily basis.

After the removal of the existing rough, we then added some top soil to level out the subgrade and added 6" of 80/20 rootzone mix. 

One of the last steps was to have the tee laser graded. The tee was then fertilized with multiple pre-plant fertilizers and then seeded in 2 directions.

We anticipate having having the tee open by Mid-Summer of 2015. 

Best Regards,

Dan Grogan
Golf Course Superintendent

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