Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 Aerification

I was looking forward to this course update with a completed course aerification. Unfortunately, mother nature had her way yet again which has caused us to postpone the remaining 6 fairways. We hope to reschedule these fairways in the near future but have yet to set a date with our contractor.
 All of the fairways on holes 1-10, & 13 have been aerified, chopped, and swept of the majority of the debris left behind from punching holes. The crew started work in the dark and finished the day in the dark as well. I can't thank my staff enough for all of their hard work!!! The pictures below are a few action shots of the process from yesterday.

The greens aerification went very smoothly. The first step in the process is to topdress greens in front of the aerifier. We do this to allow sand to be pulled into the holes by our Core Collector. Then we aerify each green, pick up the cores, drag/blow sand into the holes, and a light irrigation cycle to relieve the stress of the turf. We still have to add a bit more sand to a few greens but overall we are really happy with how the greens turned out. Hopefully mother nature cooperates now with plenty of sun and fall like temperatures!!! Along with some fertilizer and the greens should heal up in the next couple weeks. Here a few pics from the process.

Another friendly reminder about golf course care. Now that we have aerified greens, they will be very receptive to ball marks. Please do us and the greens a favor in repairing your ball marks!!! Thanks again.

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