Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eliminating Poa on Greens

Recently you may have seen small plugs on the greens. We are in the process of plugging the poa annua out of our greens before the areas get to large. If we can eliminate the poa while the areas are small, these greens should stay poa free for the future. Poa annua is a type of grass plant that grows well in almost any climate. It is considered a weed when you are trying to maintain a pure stand of bentgrass. Poa annua produces a small seedhead in the spring and has a shallow root system which does not make it a desirable plant during the hot dry weather. Poa is mainly transferred by golfer shoes and birds carrying the seed. Poa will first form on the driving range tee and be transferred to the first tee. It will then progress to the greens on the course. We will be trying a new product this Fall on the driving range tee to eliminate the poa but keep the bentgrass.

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