Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Verticutting Greens and Topdress

Today, we will be verticutting and topdressing greens. Verticutting is a process of creating small slits in the turf canopy to help eliminate excessive growth and to provide an area for the topdressing sand to be incorporated into. We have recently had a soil analysis done on greens, tees and fairways to help us analyze our nutrient needs and overall soil structure. We have found during this analysis that the top 2" of our green profile is beginning to become to tight and needs to be opened up to help with oxygen exchange and water infiltration. This can be accomplished by aerification, verticutting, and venting. These processes will help create small openings that will help accomplish our goal. We will be verticutting and topdressing on a two or three week rotation depending on weather. We will also be creating small holes in the greens during the year to help break up this top 2". We
will have another test done next spring to see our progress.

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