Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a Storm- Nice Way to Welcome Spring!!!!

This winter has brought us many surprises this year.  You would think after such a harsh summer that we could have at least had a calm winter.  Lots of snow, a tremendous ice storm in late January, and now a severe thunderstorm that dumped over 2" of rain in a short period.  This storm caused severe flooding in the area because of the snow melt and already saturated soils.  Before the storm, we were very pleased on course condition coming out of winter and the amount of work that would have to be completed in the Spring.  That changed very quickly over night after the storm.  Bunkers have severe sand erosion on the faces and the liner in many areas has come loose.  There is also large amounts of debri and mud in the bottom of many of the bunkers.
Greenside Bunker #6
Greenside Bunker #2
Waste Bunker #5
Fairway Bunker #7

Fairway Bunker #7
We will begin the cleanup work when the weather breaks and the sand becomes unfrozen.  We do not know how long the process will take but will work very hard to have the course in great shape for the Spring.

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