Thursday, August 4, 2011

Much needed relief!!!

The golf course is finally receiving a much needed break from the hot weather.  Seems to be another year of breaking records, with 19 consecutive days in the 90's.  We did several key agronomic changes during this hot spell that help us manage and survive.  These items included:

  • Raising mowing heights on the greens
  • Raising rough heights
  • Venting greens and solid tining fairways
  • Limiting cart traffic during certain days
  • Syringing greens, tees, and fairways constantly
  • Controlling water usage
All these factors help us survive the heat and maintain the best playing conditions as possible.  We will be lowering greens heights back down today and begin rolling again.  This will help us regain green speed back and to get greens back to pre-heat conditions.

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