Monday, January 21, 2013

Chemical Storage Improved Move

     Along with rejuvenating the accessories such as flag sticks, tee markers & traffic signs, we have also been working on how to make our shop facilities more efficient. We are preparing ourselves for a successful 2013 season, but like any business to prepare for success we have to make our surroundings more efficient. One area that needed to be improved was our chemical storage barn.

     A lot goes into preparing a tank when applying plant protections to the golf course. Every morning we'd have to load up a club cart and transport the products to our mix pad, granted we were not driving a mile or any vast distances but any extra time added to a procedure is unwanted time. This is precious time that could be used to get on and off the course in a matter that would not affect the play of golf and allows the product to get taken up by the plant before play.

     We will also be trying out a new fertilizer called Holganix this year which requires the product to be refrigerated. Our current location of the chemical storage did not have access to electricity so we decided to move the storage unit in a location that would not only be more efficient but have access to electricity.

      The process of moving the storage unit was not easy but with a little brainstorming, teamwork, and perseverance, we accomplished the task. We still need to apply the electricity for the cooler but we are very happy with our move. The new location will help us be more efficient in the morning and it provides us with the electricity that we needed for our new cooler.

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