Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Time Work

I seem to always get the question "What do you guys do during the winter", so I thought I would give some insight on some of the things that we have been working on.  We currently have just myself, Dan, Matt and Jim on staff for the winter.  Jim is currently working on all the equipment and getting everything ready for another busy golfing season.  Winter is the time of year that all the equipment is broken down and reels are sharpened.  Also, any needed repairs are accomplished at this time.

We are also in the process of painting flagsticks, tee markers, and course signage. This will be the first year that we will be painting flagsticks.  Every year we buy new flagsticks, but it seems that after a month or two they become chipped and start looking like the old ones again.  This year we are painting 3 sets so that we can rotate them after 2 months of use.  This will insure that we have nice looking flagsticks on the course year round.

Other items we have been working on is repainting all course signage, organizing our shop, and the one job that the crew just loves doing is sanding and repainting all the tee markers.  The process is tedious but it has to be done.  Once all of this is done, we will begin to powerwash and scrub down all the equipment after a long year of use.  The winter is definitely more relaxing but still very busy.

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