Monday, March 11, 2013


We are in the process of trying a new product into our plant nutrition program this year.  Holganix is a completely natural, organic bio-nutritional product that promotes strong turf and plant health, naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage by promoting significant root and cell wall development.

The product consist of a proprietary plant-based compost tea along with a variety of beneficial nutrients and microorganisms like mycorrhizae, streptomyces, trichoderma, protozoa, auxins, yucca extract, chitin-degrading bacteria and humic and fulvic acids.

By recreating the vital soil environments naturally found in the rich forest floor, Holganix provides strong, sustainable growth, which minimises the hazards of traditional chemical fertilizers and pesticides. By using a combination of the Holganix along with our typical fertilizer program, we hope  to reduce our nitrogen inputs by 40% to 50%. 

We will also be switching the type of fertilizer we use on the golf course this year.  In the past, we used a long chain synthetic fertilizer that would release small amounts of nitrogen over a long period of time.  This year we will be melting down our own urea and ammonium sulfate and applied to the turfgrass on a as-needed basis.  With our new inductor system, we will be able to accomplish this process very easily.

One of the goals with this product is to reduce the amounts of fertilizer applied to the golf course and to make the fertilizer that we do put down as efficient as possible.  We also believe that the product will help reduce some disease pressure during certain times of the year and possibly extend spray intervals.  We will be doing several trials on the course to see if this is possible.  Our other goal is the removal of thatch and reduce our thatch levels significantly over the next year or two.  We are looking forward working with this product and other superintendent's who are currently trying the same product this year.


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