Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lake..... I mean Golf Course Update

April Showers along with May showers has taken on a life of its own. Since April 29th, the golf course has received 5.75" of rain. This includes the 1.35" the course has received today and will probably end up with 2" of additional rainfall through Friday. Good news being the newly renovated bunkers have exceeded our expectations. The picture below tells the story itself.
The top photo is the newly renovated greenside bunker on #1 after 3" of rain. The bottom photo illustrates how the old bunkers perform through heavy rains. The renovations have allowed the crew to have the green side bunkers back in play immediately following heavy rain events. We completed the green side bunkers on holes 14, 15, & 16 this week. The Capillary Concrete install took place last Wednesday and Thursday. Installation of sand followed Monday-Wednesday of this week. The crew did a phenomenal job installing both the Concrete and 125 tons of sand in a few days.

Bunker Recap

All of the renovations would not be possible without a dedicated, hard working crew. We have done all of the work in house with our entire staff. I could not be prouder of the work done by our crew!!!
We have now completed a total of 36 bunkers.
  •  Over 43,00 square feet of bunkers
  • 300 yard's of Capillary Concrete
  • 1,000+ tons of Pro Angle Sand
We will focus on compacting the newly renovated bunkers so that they all will play as desired, firm, thus avoiding fried egg lies (as much as possible).

Upon completion of the bunkers the staff will be shifting its focus back to the golf course. We will need all hands on deck through this difficult stretch of weather. Before we know it, Member Member will be upon us. Walk path improvements, fertilizer/turf protectant applications to bentgrass, and course details from tee to green will be our main focus for the next 30 days.

At the conclusion of Member Member, we will begin phase 4 of our bunker renovations to select fairway bunkers. We will update the membership when this phase begins and we look forward to continuing to improve the golf course to enhance the golfer's experience.

Irrigation During Rain?

If you live on the golf course, you may have noticed sprinkler heads running today during the rain. Yes, we were running irrigation. Why? With the excessive rains the past week, we decided to "flush" the greens profile. Additional irrigation on top of the rain allows the greens to have the old stagnant water flushed through the profile, thus ensuring a quality rootzone for the greens to continue to thrive in for the up and coming summer.

The article below explains in more detail the flushing concept.

Course Pictures

I'm blessed to have the best office in the world. Below are a few images that I have taken at the course thus far in 2017. Thanks again.

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