Friday, April 7, 2017

April Showers Indeed

If you've been out to the course in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a theme. Unfortunately, that theme is rain, rain, and more rain. We have received our fare share of precipitation the past few weeks, in particularly the past 7 days has included over 1.75" of rain. The winds yesterday helped dry things out but we need some warmer temperatures to aid in drier conditions (coming Sunday). I just wanted to list a few updates in regards to the golf course before the weekend.

Bunker Update

All of the formal bunkers have been restored on the course. Waste Bunkers are a work in progress. We were able to restore the waste areas earlier in the week but then the heavy rains washed out some of the bunkers. We were able to rake around areas that were dry enough today.
                                                           #1 waste bunker this morning

                                                        #8 green side bunker

Entry Way Imrovements

The heavy rains last week hindered our ability to resume bunker renovations on 14 & 15. So we  took advantage of the softer conditions to begin renovating some of the drive on/drive off entry points on the course. We have cut out the areas to be replaced with sod. There will be some top soil added to these areas on Monday along with the delivery of sod on Monday. We anticipate completion of this project by Tuesday, weather permitting.

Practice Facilities

The photo above illustrates the amount of divots taken off the practice tees this year, directly in front of the mats. We have kept the range setup on the mats since the golf course opened. Why are we on the mats again? A few quick reasons. Recovery. We are not only allowing the tee to recover from 2016, but there is very little recovery this time of year when the temperatures have fluctuated like they have. We will open the grass tees when there is adequate recovery taking place. Thank you for your cooperation and please remain on the mats until further notice.

Course Accessories

The golf course restrooms and drinking fountains have been re opened and available for use. The ball washers will not be available this weekend due to the freezing temperatures at night.  We will have them put back out next week along with the cooler houses.

Course Care

The tee sheet is filling up fast for the nice weekend ahead. Please remember to repair your ballmarks, rake bunkers, and replace divots/and or replace with sand.

Thanks again and Have a Great Weekend.

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