Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Punxsutawney Phil Was Wrong.....

On February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and that is supposed to mean 6 more weeks of winter. Well, I would have to say he was wrong this year. A brief summary of the tasks completed the past 7 days
  • Monday-- Rolled/mowed greens for their first cut of the year
  • Tuesday-- Mowed fairways and approaches
  • Wednesday-- OPENED THE GOLF COURSE, Mowed greens, changed cups, restored bunkers
  • Thursday-- Mowed tees and collars
  • Friday-- Mowed greens
  • Saturday-- Snowed of course, temperatures drop 40+ degrees from Friday
The golf course has begun to green up quickly over the past week. The pictures below were taken yesterday (February 27th) by our Assistant Golf Course Superintendent Matt Sliepka and his drone.

The golf course has responded very well to the early Spring like weather. As the soil temperatures begin to rise, the plant responds with pushing new roots and shoots growth. The image below illustrates the growth pattern of Cool Season Grasses. Spring growth is an integral part of preparing for the stressful summer months. As we continue to get closer to Summer, the Agronomy staff will be busy pushing new plant growth via fertilizer, topdressing, and aerification.


The newly renovated bunkers made it through Winter with minimal washouts. We restored 26 greenside bunkers all in a half day's work. The picture below illustrates the front green side on #5 and how well it took on mother nature this winter.

We are extremely satisfied with state of the bunkers and look forward to completing the greenside bunkers on 14,15 & 16 this Spring. The bonus of minimal washouts in the bunkers has allowed the crew to spend more time where it's needed most, ON THE GOLF COURSE!!!

The crew took advantage of the rainy day this morning and began edging cart path's.

We have begun to cut out the Poa Annua from the putting greens. A pocket knife works great for popping out the weed. The Poa is very easy to find right now so we are taking advantage of the early Spring and cutting it out before the plant has a chance to seed. Sagamore takes great pride in it's Poa free playing surfaces, this is another step taken to ensure a pure 100% monostand of Creeping Bentgrass.

As golfers have been given bonus golf in February, remember the turf is still waking up and needs your help to prepare for the stressful Summer months. As a friendly reminder, please limit unnecessary stresses on the golf course, ie repair ball marks, replace divots, and utilize the 90 degree cart rule by staying on the path until you reach your golf ball. Thanks again. We're looking forward to another great season!!!!

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